Which Author are you?

Which Author are you?

Hello :) In case you wondered which author is most similar to YOU, here is a test where you can find out! It's really fast and the result might surprise you! Have fun

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You are reading a good book - What is probably the title of it?

Minimalistic Lifestyle - How less is sometimes more
Dancing on more than one wedding - A guide to organise different hobbies
Not like a fairytale, The truth about marriage
Blood red rivers (Crime Novel)

Now a personal question: with which character traits can you identify?

Organised and Punctual
Spontanous and Open-minded
Honest and Rational.
Caring and Cooperative.

Once in your life, you thought about maybe being....

A Musician
A Freelancer
A Parent
A Teacher

When someone asks you for advice you....

tell them it's best to stick to the rules.
recommend to keep all options open.
make a pro and con list.
say they should listen to their feelings.

What activity would you choose for your weekend plans?

Visit a science museum
Travel to the next bigger city.
Try something new you just read about online.
Stay at home and binge watch a tv show.

Your boss is giving you a difficult task. How are you dealing with it?

Make a structure and schedule and stick to it.
Start with the first idea and adapt flexible to every new step.
Analyse the task and identify problems and opportunities.
Do what your feeling says is right and involve other people.

You are heavily criticized by a friend. How do you react?

You try to understand the critique and react with common sense.
You listen to it and try to find a solution for everyone.
You find it hard to accept since it's just one of your many characteristics.
You need time to think about it alone.

You are at a party with people you don't know

You find someone with similar interests and exchange opinions.
You do small talk with different people.
You talk about news and trends.
You stay with the people you feel most comfortable with.

Your opinion on trends is...

that they are often not fitting your personal interests.
that some are relevant to increase your own life quality.
that it's very interesting and you often give new things a try.
that they often pass you by and you don't care too much.

The content of a good story should...

involve political or economic issues.
tell an adventure.
be historical.
include romance.