Would You Survive Pinkamina? (EG, not Pony version)

Pinkamina is, for those of you who have no idea, is a pink, dark, and twisted version of Pinkie Pie.

published on December 06, 201517 responses 4 5.0★ / 5

You wake up one night, and you hear a laugh outside your house. What do you do?

Go check it out; maybe some kids are playing outside. They might be TP'ing a house or
You go outside, screaming, "Go home, you sick teenagers!"
You ignore it, you don't really care.

Nothing happened and the laughing seemed to stop. When you wake up the next morning, well-rested. Making breakfast, you hear the same laugh, but closer. "No one could be able to duplicate that laugh, or get into my house. What the heck is going on?"

You check it out. What's the harm?
Decide to keep making breakfast and ignore it. Horror movies always end bad if you check it out.
You check one room, and then go back to breakfast.

When you turned around, you see a pink-haired little girl holding a bloody knife. "Play with me." She pleaded creepily. What do you decide to do?

Run! She has a bloody knife! WTF are you doing standing there!
You stand there gaping, but once everything makes sense in your mind, you bolt out of there.
You ask what she was doing there. She giggles. You bolt.

You attempt to lose her in your house, but she finds you in your room. Where do you hide?

You don't
Plain sight.

Pinkamina finds you. You gasp. She smiles, "Why did you run from me?" You push her back. She frowns. "That was not nice." She giggles again.

You find a knife and throw it at her in a desperate try.
You find a nearby knife and arm yourself. "I... I will fight you." You might to squeak out. She lunges.
You find a sharp knife, and a piece of glass, and you throw the glass at her. She dodges it easily. "It was a good try." You mutter.

You leap out of the way of the attack. But you get cut. It started bleeding not heavily, but it wasn't a paper cut.

Lunge again. She might fail this time. You do nothing to the cut.
You try to stop the bleeding, with you're shirt.
You run into a corner, ignoring the burning pain in your side.

She lunges at you again. What do you do?

You sprint out of the house! Tell the nieghbors!
You keep fighting. You can win this!
Run out of the room. There's no chance!