The "How Was Your Day Quiz!"

The "How Was Your Day Quiz!"

Here, this quiz will ask how your day was through a series of questions, and attempt to give an appropriate response. Enjoy!

published on April 17, 201724 responses 8 3.8★ / 5

Did you enjoy the weather?

Yes! It was beautiful outside today.
No, not really. I was stuck inside...
Yes, I like the snow/rain.
Meh, it could've been better.
It rained/snowed during ____...
I didn't really care.

Do you have any friends?

I'm friends with almost everyone! internet friends count?
I have a few close friends.
I don't have any. ;-;

Do you have any hobbies?

I enjoy singing/dancing!
I make music!
I don't have a hobby.
I draw art.
I play videogames!
I mess around on the world wide web.

Have you complemented someone today?

Yeah, we became best friends!
I couldn't think of anything. look lovely today! There now I have.

d0 U uSe GRAMMARs when speking 2 ppl on teh interwebs

I'm sorry, what?
YAS, i em nu liarz
Yes, yes I do.
Good job, you just made me self conscious about everything I type and whether it's spelled correctly or not.

Sorry, this was so short, blah blah blah, New quiz maker, blah blah blah. Anyway, how was your day?

Dude, it SUCKED.
It coulda been better.
I like turtles.