What female singer are you?

Love female singers? Find out which one you are! 5 POSSIBILITIES! Amazing! Figure which one you are!

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What is your fave drink out of the following?

some water will help me relax before singing!
Maybe Juice.
Ah maybe milkshake!
Pepsi. I love it. lol!

Are you a good singer?

Em, yeah i think.
I love it!
For sure! My family says so
like yes or no. My fans only judge me! Lol

Are you...

A proffesional singer?
Great and jolly
superb at singing! Well, i hope i am...
in a mood for happiness!

I know all about you...

Oh no!
Not again...
U're lying!
Oh you!
No way! I love to hear that!

Do you have a diary?

Why is this in a quiz about singers?
Not really...
Not telling ya!
I don't need one. I don't have any secrets!
Yes but I always share them...

I think you're cute says a hot boy/ girl. How do you react?

Well, all the boys go all over me so I tell him to go away.
Say it back!
Well I don't think THEIR cute...
I go somewhere to think about it.
Oh I don't know!

What do you think you'll get?

Katy Perry
Jessie J
Lady gaga