if you came across hitler would he kill you?

if you saw hitler and he saw you would he kill you? will you sirveve Hitler's attempt to take over world?

published on June 10, 201620 responses 3

hitler- hello. wellcome to the test. are you blond with light eye's?
me- wierdo
hitler- gaurds
me- sorry!

you- yes. don't kill me!
hitler- perfect!
you- no.
hitler- guards!
me- HITLER! just for fun! god

hitler- are you GEWISH!
me- bro, he's or she's not gewish!
hitler- i killed millions of gewish peaple.
you- ahhh!

you- yes?
hitler- GUA-
me- bro this is future!
you- no
me- told yah hitler.
hitler- [sigh]

hitler- do you hate me?
me- everyone hate's you.
hitler- aww

you- yes
hitler- no!!!!!
you- no
hitler[ leans for a kiss]
you- change my mind.

hitler- are you not german!
me- [ leave's becuase is bored]
you- hey!

you- yes
hitler- [punches you]
me- hitler!
hitler- this is not fun!
you- yes
hitler- REALLY!

hitler- will you rule the world?
me- maybe not.

you- yes. allready did.
hitler- [grabs rocket luncher.]
me- [ grabs gun from hitler.]
you- no.
hitler- i allmost did hahaha

hitler- last one, do you like germany?
me- i do.
hitler- i was not asking you!

you- of corse not.
hitler- [ has guards ]
me- you guys can leave.
hitler- really!
you- yes.
hitler- yay!!!