Does Whisper Like You?

My first quiz. Whisper is my Creepypasta OC but she tries to make them all good

published on May 14, 20214 responses 0
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Me: Okay, I’m Angel and I’m hosting this quiz! Do you like killing people?
Whisper: Jeezus, starting off strong aren’t we? -.-

No, Ick!
Whisper: Good!
Only if I have to
Whisper: Fair, I guess.
Yes.. Muahaha...
Whisper: Yeesh, get away.

Me: Okay, your turn Whisper!
Whisper: Ok... favorite color?

Pastels :3
Whisper: Yay, same!
Bright or Normal
Whisper: Those can be cool!
Whisper: Who got a frickin edgelord in here -.-

Me: Okay, time for a small rp! You see Whisper with Jeff about to fix him. What would you do?

Help Whisper! We need more good in this world!
Whisper: FINALLY! Someone understands! :>
Stand still or ignore
Whisper: Blunt, aren’t you?
Attack Whisper and save Jeff!
Whisper: You’re no match for me ~w~

Me: Roleplay over! Sorry
Whisper: Not a fan of games.
Me: Okay jeezus. Out of any of these foods what would you choose?

Baked things, fruit, or dairy
Whisper: YAAAS
Vegetables, grains, eggs
Whisper: Weird choices...
Meat and seafood
Whisper: ICK!! I’m a vegetarian don’t you know?

Me: That’s all me and Whisper have!
Me: Jeezus calm down child-
Whisper: DON’T CALL ME CHILD! ònó

Bye! See you around!
Whisper: Bye friend!
Whisper: Bye.
Finally it’s over... -.-
Whisper: LET ME AT EM-