What outfit are you?

Find out your sense of style and what you would look beautiful in, and feel comfortable in as well<3

published on December 03, 201519 responses 1
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If you were handed $150 where would go shopping?

Dicks Sporting Goods
Forever 21
New York and Company
The Limited
Charlotte Russe
Old Navy or PS Aeropostale
Sports Authority

If you were to have 4 hours of time to spend, what would you do?

Invite my best friends over
and head to the pool, park,
ice rink, etc.
Go out for lunch with my
siblings then go to the
Practice for my sports
Study for a test/quiz/do
leftover homework
Get my nails done with my
friends and/or go shopping
maybe go mini golfing with
my friends or something
Catch up on my artwork or
Looking up hair or makeup
tutorials on Youtube

Which is your favorite color combo?

Purple and Light Blue
Neon yellow and Electric
Lavender and Pastel Pink
Hot Pink and Plum
Teal and Gold
Bright Blue and orange
Scarlet and dark pink
green and baby blue

Favorite Thing to order at a coffee/drink shop?

Red Velvet Creme Frappe or
Cotton Candy Iced Frappe
Light Java Chip Frappe or
Vanilla Iced Coffee
Cool Lime or Berry Hibiscus
Simple: Iced Black Coffee
Caramel Flan or Cinnamon
Dolce Latte
Espresso Macchiato or Iced
Skinny Mocha
Sweet Tea Lemonade or Iced
Passion Tango
White Chocolate Mocha or
Iced Caramel Macchiato

Which describes a typical Friday/Saturday Night for you?

Calling over my best friend
and going night swimming
or miniature golfing
Inviting over a few of your
study buddies, dancing to
some music, and eating an
assortment of snacks while
Heading to the Mall and
meeting any friends there,
grabbing a bite to eat, then
hitting all the shops with the
best sales and stock!
Swimming, Soccer, Lax, or
Playing Football with my
Staying home, Binge on
your favorite TV show, and
catch up on all the gossip
threw social media!
Grabbing an ice cream cone
and heading to the movies
with my besties :)
Meeting up with my
girlfriends and drive up to
the beach to spend the
weekend there!

What kind of snack would you grab after school?

Popcorn or Pretzels
A Protein Bar
Strawberries, a banana,
blueberries, an apple, any
fruit really!
A frozen/canned/boxed
snack or small meal
Jolly Ranchers, a lollipop,
war heads, skittles, etc.
A small serving of a
decadent dessert like a
brownie or pastry:)
2 or 3 cups of coffee!
Potato Chips or a salty snack
An energy drink and a
granola bar

Which would you order for a quick lunch?

White Cheddar and Steak
Panini paired with a fountain
drink and potato chips
Tomato Mozzarella Flatbread
and Iced green Tea
Strawberry Chicken Salad
and a frozen lemonade with
a Chipotle Chicken Panini
Baked Potato Soup and a
warm drink+ a chicken and
pasta dish
Fuji Apple Chicken Salad
and Kettle popped chips with
an iced lemonade
Chicken Noodle Soup, fresh
baked bread, and a fountain
Garden Vegetable Soup and
a hand tossed Greek salad

Which dessert sounds most appealing?

Warm Pastry Dough braided
with a light drizzle of syrup
and cinnamon and filled with
crushed pecans
A Freshly baked Muffin
made with real pumpkin and
honey and topped with
powdered sugar
A cream-based scone made
with dried strawberries and
blueberries and raspberry
flavored chips, then finished
with a light glaze of white
A softly baked sweet muffin
filled with chunks of apple
and cinnamon and finished
with cinnamon and sugar
A warmly baked pastry
made with special recipe
pastry cream topped with
whole cherry filling and
white chocolate icing
Chocolate icing sandwiched
between two freshly baked
cookies made with chocolate
dough with walnuts,
semisweet chocolate chunks
and bits of white chocolate
chunks, topped with
powdered sugar
An old-fashioned butter
coffee cake, swirled with
cinnamon and finished with
a butter crumb topping
A Carrot walnut cake filled
and topped with cream
cheese icing and finished
with a carrot sugar piece

Which activity would you like to spend a summer day doing?

White Water Rafting
21 Bounce and Toss
Water Bucket Relay
A Spa day or Shopping day
at the mall
Reading a book or
writing/drawing in a
Water Skiing
Running a Marathon

Which is your best feature?

my overall personality
my "smarts" and being a
hard worker
my sense of fashion or
ability to do makeup/hair
how fast I can
my eyes and hair
my maturity
ability in the arts (acting,
dancing, drawing, etc.)
playing soccer (or whatever
sport you do)