How Goth Are You?

Only works if you are goth, this is a sequel to my other quiz. It is to determine just how goth you are, well if you are goth that is.

published on March 12, 201714 responses 1 5.0★ / 5

What do your clothes look like on a daily basis?

Black, with maybe small amounts of white or purple
Black with other dark colors mixed in
Colors, with black mixed in

What does your makeup look like on a regular basis?

Dark, all black, maybe small amount of purple
Dark, mainly black purple and blue
Colors, mainly purple and other colors

What do your shoes look like an a normal basis?

Black boots
any shoe that is black with maybe some color in it
Whatever I want, darker colors though

Where would you like to spend your day?

In my dark room alone
In a dark room with some sort of electronic device
Wherever, with people

How would others describe you?

Dark, lonely, very goth
Dark, alone
A normal person