What type of Glitch are you? (MK8 Online edition)

What type of Glitch are you? (MK8 Online edition)

If you play MK8 online, you may have encountered strange players, these are known as 'glitches'. There are various types, so which could you be?

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To start off with, what type of character and car do you take for battle?

I take a nice heavy character, maybe donkey-Kong in the bandwagon. This way I can shove smaller characters off the edges >:D
I take the purple bike, the duke, so I can jump around with my friends and ledge clip easier! :D
I just take a regular bike with the trendiest wheels, whatever everyone else is using. I want to fit in. :)
I take a fairly normal car like the pipe frame or the standard kart, this way I can attack others easier but still make friends if I want.
Other not listed
What are you talking about? I’m lost….
I take a gold kart. I am the best.

(All the questions are going to be taking place in a tournament where there are set rules and it is supposedly meant only for glitches) You see another (new) player hopping at you, what do you do?

Hah! An easy target! Let’s get my point score up!! >:D
Uh…how do you do jumping? :O
Hop back at them, the more friends I have the better!
Jump back at them to show you are nice, then kill them. After all, friends share balloons right? >:D
Jump back at them and then try to show them a glitchy trick. I like to help out the newbies.
Let me test this newbie to make sure they are in fact a glitch….I don’t want any imposters in MY tournament! >:[
I’ll ignore them, I don’t know any tricks, I don’t jump and I hack all my points :P
Kill them with an endless barrage of hacked items! No one, NO ONE, gets past me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Someone steals one of your balloons without you agreeing to it – what do you do?

That’s impossible, I’m an immortal glitch, you can’t kill me! But now that you have tried it's time for you to die. I have endless powers including powers that shouldn’t exist in this tournament. Imma kill ‘em all! NO ONE STEALS FROM ME!!! >:D
Engines? Activated. Items? Loaded and ready. Hyper speed? Check. Let’s go kill some some thieves!!! >:D
Let them have it, it appears they need it seeing they would steal it from me. :)
Let me just change some coding and give myself another balloon…
Never mind, all my friends will do the dirty work for me, they’ll get me back my balloon. The perks of being friends with immortal and hyper players ;).
I’ll just kill someone else for a balloon, someone easier than myself....
Ahahahahahhahahahhahhhahhhahahahahhahahha how you wish you could steal from me! Don't you know that's impossible? Ahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahhahahah

You see a mean glitch has joined the group – the round starts, what do you do?

Hide behind my friends and hope they can take on the meanie. O.O
Let’s try to be friends! *hop hop hop*
No one is meaner than me. I’m top dog here! That other person better learn that they are no match for me, and they better learn fast. >:)
Turn on my invincibility, let’s see ‘em get through this!
Follow them around and act as a toady. You can learn some skills from them!
Turn on my endless powers and ghost everybody before the meanie can steal the points. >:D
I’ll just kill the meanie for the good of everybody else, even if I die trying. *hero music*

You see a newbie following you, trying to copy whatever trick you’re doing – what do you do?

Awww I have an apprentice! Let me show them how to do some tricks! :}
I am the newbie following people around *guilty face*
Kill ‘em! They have easy points! >:}
hop hop hop* let’s be friends! *hop hop hop*
Eh, whatever let ‘em admire my expertise, after all I am an amazing glitch ;)
Oh help, I don’t actually have a trick, they’re copying nothing! They’re gonna hate me, HELP! What do I doooooo??????? O.o
*Laughs* let’s see if they can keep up with ME *turns on hyper speed*
This is MY trick! How DARE you try to steal MY trick! >:(
Uh…guys? Crap, where are my friends? They can handle this one….

A junior glitch ranked higher than you at the end of the round – what is your reaction?

WHAT. JUST. HAPPENED. Imma kill that…! (Words blocked out to retain the innocence of any young minds taking this quiz)
Good for you! You need the confidence! :)
Time to turn on all my little hacks >:D They won’t be on the top chart for long! *hacks system and changes points*
I’ll get you next time!!! >:[
That’s ok, I’ll just block them from this tournament, they just messed with the wrong glitch. >:]
Nobody can beat me, I kill them all with my endless powers before they can get away! >:D
Eh, why would I care?