Are you in Love ? <3

some people dont understand or flat out dont realise when theyre in love! take this quiz to see whether or not you infact are truly IN LOVE!

published on July 31, 201542 responses 6
Are you in Love ? <3
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What is your current relationship status?

In a Relationship
Recently Used To Be in a relationship, (split
up recently).
Not in a relationship, but not looking for one

I want you to pretend youre given the chance to create your perfect match. To do so, you need to select what you like most in the following questions and would make your perfect match!: how do you feel about this?

like this will be funny to see how much the
characters i select will be like the person i am
with ?❤️
this is an opportunity i wont take for granted
as id like a perfect match?
scared the perfect one will resemble my
partner of my last relationship..

...Youre handed the paper by a surprisingly attractive male/female, you cant help but..

check them out ! dayum?
wonder why someone so good looking would
work this job?
see how hot they are, but the word hot can
only make you think of the one person you
cant get out your mind!
think a negative thought which stems old
relationship memories..

The first question reads: "your ideal partner would be...

everything your current partner / crush is ❤️
anything, as long as theyre not your ex?
everything your last partner was?

The extremely attractive assistant drops their pen, you...

quickly go pick that pen up! who would miss
such an opportunity?
go pick up the pen .. if only picking up the
pieces of your broken heart where this easy to
pick up
Politely pick the pen up for the assistant.
dont even realise, you cant stop thinking
about the one.

You then notice a phone number on the floor, you glance up and the assistant winks at you...

you pick the number up, slide it into your
pocket as smoothly as you can
notice. if only your ex could notice how they
smashed your heart...
is the assistant flirting with me???!!!??
ignore the assistants flirty moves and return
to your test

"back to the test!" you think. the next question reads, you need someone who is...

Loving, caring, soft?
someone who looks after me, unlike my ex
..."yo,hang on a second" you think, "i dont
need anybody!"
everything your partner/ crush is. theyre the
one i want.

this has you thinking for a moment. If you could change the past about your relationship(s), what would it be?

that it never happened. like i never met
nothing, whats happened has happened. im
better now.
that i wish id met my current crush / partner
that you could make it perfect, like it would
still be . if only things could have been

You feel an unbearable urge to make a desperately rad move!

You get up and get your hands all over the
tear up the test and ring the one you
currently have feelings for and tell them how
you feel!
you scream and cry . youve been locking
emotions, plus who wouldnt let go when given
such a rad opportunity?
like if you dont come to a decision you might
snog the assistant, or phone your crush // ex

Someones about to enter that room, who could be the worst possible person to enter at that moment?

My ex
My partner, they might leave me if they see
me with the assistant!
My parents. i dont want them to see me
necking on with some assistant!?
the one i have feelings for, because i chose
the option to run outside and ring them - they
might just miss me?

All this has you feeling like...

Being single sucks...
I need to find someone!
you like your crush / partner more than you
your ex is on your mind too much.

And all this has you wishing that..

You could be with your crush and in a
relationship , or just beside your partner❤️
this wasnt so complicated and things could be
You were in a perfect relationship.
you werent so broken hearted.

The person that walks through the door is you from a month ago. you are told that you can tell past you one thing , and that is:

Go for it, theyre the one❤️
Change now, dont let it go, do something
before its too late!
Nothing can heal a broken heart, but you
might be able to change it!
you tell yourself the assistants number
because theyre perfect ?

Past you disappears and everything around you begins to change. you realised youve changed the past . The one thing you want to have changed is:

that youre not broken hearted
Youre with your ex
That youre in a relationship with the one you
have feelings for
In a relationship and no longer single !

You realise that its now the end of the quiz , and if you had to, youd say that youre probably :

Broken Hearted
Unsure / Lost feelings / confused
In love
Not in love and single