Team Chaotix (3: Halloween Edition)

Team Chaotix (3: Halloween Edition)

Enjoy this spooky edition of Team Chaotix and all the yummy candy. Have fun!

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You woke up and looked next to you. You saw...


You got up and looked around. Ezra and Espio started to decorate the house with Halloween decorations. "What's going?" "The Day of the Dead, duh." Ezra said. Espio rolled his eyes and smiled at you. "Halloween, do you celebrate that back on Earth?" He asked.

Well, yeah, but I don't really participate
Yeah! I love Halloween!
Uh, duh! Of course I do
Why do you call it the day of the dead Ezra? (ME: Because I visited Mexico before and they called it that so it stuck with me)

Charmy flew around excitedly. "What are we gonna be? Where are we gonna trick or treat? When-" "CHARMY!" Everyone yelled. He calmed down and flew over to you. "Do you know Team Rocket from the pokemon show?"

Of course I do!
Yes, but what does this have to do with anything?

"Well, I thought we could dress up like them!" Charmy said excitedly. "Ezra is going as a pumpkin, what are you gonna be?"

I wanna be a pokemon trainer
A princess!
A ninja (Me: Wow! Big give away -_-)
A detective

"Cool!" Charmy flew away to help Ezra and Espio. Mighty got up and realized that it was Halloween. "Oh man." He mumbled to himself.

*Taps Mighty's shoulder* Hey, um, Mighty? Are you okay?
What's wrong with Mighty? (Me: It's a... team secret >:) )
^Ezra is up to something
*To busy hanging up decorations to notice*

Whatever you picked you tapped his shoulder. "What's wrong?" "Huh, oh, um, nothing. Don't worry about me." He said flashing you a smile. You narrowed your eyes at him. "Really, what's wrong?" You asked. Mighty looked around and pulled you outside. "You can't tell them that I'm telling you about this." He whispered.

I won't tell a soul
Just tell me already
What is it?

Mighty sighed. "Last year, Ezra thought it would be funny to try this chant and bring the dead to life. Sadly, it worked." He shivered at the thought. "Now I'm scared of Halloween forever." "Geez, I'm-" Before you finish your sentence Charmy came fly at you. What were you going to say?

Geez, I'm sorry Mighty. To be honest, I'm scared of Halloween too a little. (Mighty: Really?) *Nods*
Geez, I'm glad I wasn't there when that happened.
Wait? What happened to the zombies? (Me: Calm down, we got rid of them... or did we?)
Geez, I'm scared now. (Me: Good >:) )

"___! We are leaving to go trick or treating! Hurry up and get dressed!"

Geez, calm down
Okay, okay!
AH! I need to hurry!
Wait, is this going to be a part 2 sort of thing? (Me: Yup!)