Which animal are you (^_^)?

Which animal are you (^_^)?

Are you calm most of the time? Or fierce, maybe lazy? Take this quiz and find out which animals personality you have!

published on March 18, 201619 responses 5 3.5★ / 5

Are people always scared of you or doing what you say?

Duh, that is how i get my ways
No, i let every one do what they feel like, and i am too nice to be scary.
too lazy to judge people, people don't even notice me
i am very likable why should i be scary?
i don't know

Are you protective?

when it comes to family
For my self only
Only for my master
protective? for what *yawn
Only if i get attacked, I hope my enemies are not too protective
i don't protect. I attack
i don't know

Your TV remote is a feet away from your reach...

to far away...
is it a trap?
get it before someone else gets it
who cares
put it somewhere where none can get it but me
i don't know

Are you energetic a lot?

Duh! I can't even sit still because this quiz is sooooo awesome!!
I must stay calm, or i will blow my cover
When it comes to fighting
when i play fetch!! i mean..um.. yeah i guess
i don't know

Are you a true leader of the pack?

For my family, YES
don't judge people into packs
Is there a joker in the pack?
Ill try my best to lead, maybe a deputy is better choice for me
to tired *Yawn
i don't know

how wise are you?

i am a pure dum dum LOL *haha
i can be wise at some points " I am not everyone, i am one" my famouse quote
Wise, i don't know but i am really smart let me name every element in the patriotic table `H1 hydrogyn, Li lithium, Be
i don't know
yes wise i am

Are you strong?

As Strong as i can be to protect my family
Very Strong!!!!!!!!!!!!
strong in the mind
strongly humerous
to tired to be strong
strong senses
strong helper
i don't know

How awesome are you?

uhhhh, let me ask me invisible friend....
i am so so
i am also so so
i am a awesome fighter
awesome at staying calm. uhhmmmmmmmm uhhmmmmmmm
i don't know

do you have fun with quiz?

totally fun! gonna try again to see what get
ZZzzzz, wait what?
i don't know i think its too judging
i love it
i like it
i like the smart questions
i don't know