What dinosaur are you? (2)

What dinosaur are you? (2)

Find out what prehistoric beast you may were in a previous life. A vicious carnivore or a peaceful plant eater?

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Relationships with other people:

Former of groups, taking the lead.
The brain of a group, always planning the next move.
The brute force, not thinking much.
Providing pleasant company.
Standing around listening to things you don't even care about.
Talk few words, but aimed.

Favorite type of vehicle:

Ferry boat

Someone has parked their car in front of your door. You...

Go in, talk him away. You are going to defend your private space.
Act as if you didn't notice or didn't care.
Stealthily drop a threatening message on his windshield.
Kindly ask him to move his car away.
Cooperate with the fact. Go park your car in front of his door.
Tell him to go away and never do it again.

It is night and you are surrounded by a street gang. You...

Clinch your fists and slowly back off.
Talk with them. Find a way out of it.
Find the perfect time to run away.
Get scared and start begging.
Continue walking as if nothing happened.
Ignore the fact they are more, rush in and start smashing skulls.

Favorite type of movie:

Personal achievements

Biggest fear:

Getting attacked by a dog.
Being left alone in the entire world.
The fridge emptying.
Your family falling apart.
Spiders, lizards, snakes.
The next day.

Favorite food?

Wheat products
Hamburgers, pizzas, french fries, Cola.

You win 50.000.000 dollars. What do you do?

Donate some to charity, spend the rest on a cute little cottage on the beach.
Las Vegas
Bigger car, bigger house, bigger everything.
New TV, new couch, more chips.
Give some to old parents, some to the family's needs, the rest to the bank for later on.
Buy a boat and go deep sea fishing.