are u emo?

are u emo?

are u emo goth or scene or are u just going through a fase or u are pretty normal

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what do u normally wear?

skinny jeans maybe a band shirt sometimes colors like black, gray, purple, and neon green
all black lots of holes in your skinny jeans band shirts and rubber bracelets and chokers
light purple light blue and some colorful skinny jeans maybe some rubber bracelets
you like pain skinny jeans and a tee shirt alot of colors and maybe some dresses

what kind of hair do u have?

lots of layers teesed and short and very thick bangs down in my face and black!!
layers teesed long bangs long hair and blonde,brown, red ,or multi colord
long teesed and straten bright maybe pink or with streaks
strade or curly your natrul hair color

what do you do on your free time

read, write, and play outside or do some kinda sport
draw text go on social network write poems
walk around with your friends go skating with your friends
draw death write about death listen to music and text alot
draw write about death or write poems about your problems go on social networks

what kind of music do u listen to

pop country
rap screamo or whatever u can relate to
sreamo or pop
screamo asking alexandria 24/7

so it is the end or your quiz what is your opinion of it

stupid a wast of time
it was kinda fun just somthing to do
why did i even take this quiz
to prove to my friends that i am ......
just to do it i was bored