Percy Jackson Godly Parent Test

Do you want to know who your godly parent is? Use this quiz to find out!

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If your teacher asks you why you didn't turn in your homework on time, what is your response?

this wouldn't happen, i always do it on time
I'll shove my essay under their nose, and show them my overflow page
I had sports practice
I was at a music lesson
I was at a party
I'm so sorry, I forgot

If you were Harry Potter, what would you have done with Peter Pettigrew?

Turned him in- he deserves it
Killed him! He killed my parents!
Let Lupin and Sirius kill him. I couldn't kill someone, but he deserves to die
I would have let him free. Voldemort forced him to betray my parents. It's not his fault.

What would your evil laugh sound like?

loud and commanding
soft but dangerous
a loud bellow
quiet but menacing
loud and maniacal
high and giggly
fast and increasingly loud
quiet and slow
slow and high- pitched
medium volume, maniacal

What is your favorite class in school?

social studies
foreign language
sliding into DM's 101

If your friend's bag was stolen, and the thief was a bigger, stronger, person than you. what would you do?

Call the police
memorize everything about the attacker then alert the authorities
Beat them up, or try to

What Hogwarts House are you in?

I don't know
I'm a Squib
I'm a Muggle

Which Harry Potter villain would you be if you were a Harry Potter character?

Voldemort- he's super powerful, merciless, and gets what he wants
Grindlewald- he's a leader
Umbridge- everyone hates me
Bellatrix- I'm super fierce, but I have an immature side

What would you most likely be doing on a Saturday night?

chilling with my friends
on a date
reading or writing
doing community service