Sylvia or Cyrra?

Sylvia or Cyrra?

In this quiz you will see if you are shy, gentle, sweet Cyrra or totally out of control psychopathic homicidal Sylvia. These are the characters from my book. My other side

published on October 15, 20168 responses 1

Someone has a knife to your throat

Grab it and stab them
Ahh! Switch! Switch!

Group of snobby girls make fun of you

Ah stabby stab stab
Ignore them

Your mom is having an unreasonably long 'house party' and you have to stay in your room. Bor-ing!

Imma read a book i guess
Im gonna go down there and
kill everyone, YAY!

Fave color

Blood red
Idrc. Black to blend in

Your mom is gonna send you to a mental ward

Ah stabby stab stab

Your bff stabs you in the back and ditches you for a more popular girl

Be emo for a month then
Stab her and her prissy new bff
in the back too. Litterally