Rapper quiz

Who is my favorite detroit rapper right now if u get most right we might be cool (BOYS) (NO HOMO)

published on January 21, 20174 responses 0
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What is my favorite line

Joy road bitch but the money long as 6mile brick mile knock yo bitch down pick her up
knock her back down pull her tracks out (Tee grizzley)
Aye Biggs tell em they tripping why we ain't sign yet got choppers that shoot for hours
don't look through blinds yet 20 d with ice buffs chillin in yo projects... we here bullets
appear... (Bandgang masoe)

What color is he? Dark or light?

Light (bandgang masoe)
Dark (Tee grizzley)

Lastly when did the song that verse I used come out

2014 (masoe)
2016 (Tee grizzley)


Do ya know masoe?
Do ya know tee grizzley


Bruh why am I still here I don't like ya bye punk I'm leaving!!
Bruh xD wtf