Which type of Bruh are you?

Which type of Bruh are you?

Mostly for boys! If ur a girl go ahead but your answer is more likely to be a boy kind of answer. Find out what type of Bruh you are!

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What is a bruh?

A bro that helps!
Simply a bruh!
i don't really know.

So if someone is having a bad day, what would you do?

Go over and tell them its ok!
Ignore it, they will get over it.
Think and Think

Your at the arcade and the coin machine docent work, it just took all your change. What do you do?

Dang it! I guess i'll get this thing fixed by asking them
Fix it for them!

Your late to your friends play. How do you enter?

Silently. Don't want to interrupt!
Walk in fashionably late
Don't go!

The new iPhone just came out, and the person next to you dropped theirs and it broke. What do you do?

Smash on it more. It's already broken!
Offer to buy them a new one!
Drop yours on the ground too

What do you honestly think you are?

Friendly and outgoing!
Don't even need to answer that I'm so cool
I don't wanna talk about it

Why are you taking this quiz again?

To find out what type of bro I am!
Really? Cmon its been only 7 questions and you forgot?
I honestly don't know

One of the final questions, What is a bruh?

REALLY?! A bruh is a bruh thats it!
A bruh is a bro that helps people!
I don't know

Final Question, Do you think you are worthy of actually becoming a bruh?

I don't wanna be a bruh
Duh im worthy
I think so!