What tv channel suits you best?

Find out which awesome TV channel fits your personality with this awesome quiz!

published on September 24, 201423 responses 6 4.3★ / 5

Fave TV show?

Adventure Time
Regular Show
Gravity Falls
My little pony FIM
Littlest Pet Shop
Pound Puppies
Sam and Cat
Fairly Odd Parents
Fish Hooks
Good Game Spawn point
Steven Universe
Sanjay and Craig
Almost Naked Animals
dance academy
Ultimate Spiderman
Power Puff girls
The next step
Shake it up
The flinstones
Tom and Jerry
Good luck Charlie
No where boys

Favourite combination of colours outta these?

Blue and yellow
Orange and green
Black and white
Blue and white
Pink and white
Red and white

What kind of taste do you have?

Funny, buzzare and a little weird cartoons that are for a little more mature audience.
I only like cartoons
Funny gross stuff with a combination of cartoons and live action shows
Good old cartoons. I love the classics
Cute cartoons and unique cartoons, that are for little kids mostly.
A channel with a lot of awesome hosts, that have a lot of shows on that channel. The
hosts rock!
A channel with cool humour, cool music and some cartoons. I mostly like real life
action shows

Favourite celebrity?

Ariana Grande
Selena Gomaz
It's better when a channel just has cartoons
Call me weird, but Twilight Sparkle is a Princess which is more than a celebrity
Kane Tremils

Choose one!

Warner Bros
Cream pies in the face
Parties! Wuu!

Someone farts! How do you react?

*laughs extremely hard*
Kinda inappropriate
Depends if it was a funny fart

What is your favourite channel?

Cartoon network
The hub

Favourite cartoon character?

Rainbow Dash
Mickey Mouse
Scooby Doo
Finn and Jake

If someone insults you what do you do?

Just keep dancing!
Cry/get mad
Deal with them and sass talk them
Punch them/ run away
Seek help from friends
Just laugh at them