Are you a good student? (1)

Are you a good student? (1)

Take this quiz to find out if your a good student or not. You probably already know if you are so therefore this quiz is pointless.

published on August 30, 201815 responses 3
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What's the most important

Grades, homeowrk, and all that stuff
Grades I guess
Grades and relationships/friendships
Bit of grades and how's works but mostly relationships/ friendships
Friends and that fun stuff

Are you often late for school

Once in a blue moon
Every so often
Quite a bit buts most of the time it's my sibbling or parents fault

Do you get good grades

Well yeah
Most of the time but I still try really hard
Pretty decent grades sometimes it varies
There okay
Straight Fs and Ds

Waking up in the morning...

I set my alarm clock (s)
I set like 6 alarms clocks
I think I set my alarm clock most of the time I do
My mom can wake me up
Who cares about sleeping in I'm always mate anyways

Math test what do you do

Study, study, study!!!
Study everyday for like 15-20 minutes
Study when I get to it
Save the studying to last minute but still study
Who cares about studying

How much time do you spend on an assignment

More than needed
Whatever's needed to get a passing grade maybe a little higher
It really depends. I normally always pass though.
Less than needed most of the time
I whip it up in 5 minutes or I just don't do it