What is your spirit animal? (14)

What is your spirit animal? (14)

Ever wondered what your true form is? Find out here! Its the truth... :)

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What Is Your Favourite Colour Scheme?

Green, Brown... Nature Colours.
Blue, White, Purple.
Yellow, Green, Orange.
My Colour Isnt Listed Here.

What Is Your Favourite Food?

Meat, Fruits.
Most Things.
Berries, Meat, Vegetables.
Im Pretty Picky. My Food Isnt Here.

How Much Time Do You Spend Outside?

Every Second.
An Hour Or Two A Day.
I Live The Outdoors!
Im Always Out Running Around!

What Do You Usually Do In Your Free Time?

Im Usually With Friends.
Im Always Outside.
Watching TV, On The Computer.

And Finally, What Pet Do You Or Would Like To Have?

A Dog.
A Bird.
A Cat.
I Don't Have A Pet Nor Would I Want One.