What House from the Harry Potter Series would you be in?

Are you a sly and resourceful Slytherin, a passionate and brave Gryffindor, a modest and friendly Hufflepuff, or a smart and quiet Ravenclaw? If you have ever wondered what you'd be, tkae this quiz!

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First, I have to get this over with...
What is your favourite colour OUT OF THESE?


Story time! Professor Snape springs a pop-quiz on your class and you start to feel stressed. How do you handle it?

You reason with yourself. You have been paying attention in class. How hard can it be?
Take in a few deep breaths, count to ten, do whatever it takes to calm yourself down and clear your head.
Who cares? I'm the teacher's pet! I can pull off with at least an 'acceptable'.
Cram in some last minute studying just before. Maybe even go as far as right some hints on your hand.

Strangers view you as...


Teachers view you as...


Friends view you as...

...loud and crazy.
...an adviser.
...easy to talk to.

Extroverted or Introverted?

Introverted, though I do enjoy company once in a while.
Extroverted, though I wouldn't mind a bit of time by myself.

What muggle job you you like to have in the future?

Doctor or Teacher

Truth or Dare?

Dare! As long as it's not boring...
I'll have to think on that one...
You want me to spill my secrets? I'm going with dare.

How many friends do you have?

Friends? What about followers?
About five very close ones.
A lot!
A few.

Pick a drink.


Pick a meal.

Eggs and toast
Jam and butter on bread
Hamburger and fries
A salad

Pick a face that most relates to you.

X( (angry)
:-| (bored)
;) (sneaky)
:D (happy)

True or False: School is there to prepare us for the future.


Another True or False: Rules are meant to be broken.

Depending on my needs
When I must

You are in a play/musical. Who are you?

The villain!
The lead!
The narrator (if they have one). Or, the supporting role.
I'd be in the orchestra pit.

Relating to the last question, what would you enjoy most of the play/musical?

The experience
The attention
The cast party
The excitement

You would do whatever it takes to follow through with your ambitions.


What would be your favourite class?

History of Magic
Herbology. Plants, fascinating!

Worst fear?

Failing school/college.
Losing your loved ones

Biggest dream? (as a muggle)

World peace
Becoming an actor or actress
Becoming president (or any other kind of leader)
Making a scientific break-through

Where do you prefer to sit on an airplane?

Probably the middle. Then I can chat with two people!
Window seat. The view is fascinating!
Aisle, anything else is claustrophobic.
First-class! Can't be bothered by those peasants.

What do you value in a friend and/or partner?

Their courage
Their loyalty
Their resourcefulness
Their intellect

And lastly, what is your opinion on Hogsmeade?

It's the oldest wizards' town in England! Can't wait to see the historical sites!
I want to go their at least once, just to say I've been there.
Complete waste of time...
I really want to visit the joke shop, Honeyduke's, and Three Broomsticks again!

I lied. That wasn't the last question. What do you think of lying?

It's stupid and make conflicts deeper.
If it gets me out of trouble...
I lie to get what I want.
I prefer the truth, it's build on facts and evidence. But if I have too...

Hehe... ;)

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