What House would you belong in? (Harry Potter)

What house would the hat put you in! A fun quiz that will determine what house you belong in.

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What is yout favorite animal? (Out of the answers)

Giant death spirit

What would you do if you tripped and fell on your way to school, and couldn't go because you broke your foot.

Sit up and cry, because you will miss school
Stand up, brush it off, and continue on with your day.
Curse the day the sidewalk had that crack put into it by whatever idiot that put it there
Smile because you missed school, than cry because you broke your foot
Follow your friend into school, and use duct tape to fix the problem.

If you saw an oldwoman drop her groceries, what would you do?

Rush over and hand them back to her.
Pick them up and carry tham to her house for her.
Smile and say she's fine.
Curse the old hag and throw a wrench at her, telling her to strengthen her bony muscles.
Design a pully system to lift her groceries.

How to you like you coffee?

Steaming hot so you can splash in on nearby passing children.
However it comes out.
Perfectly heated and creamed. (Or you'll behead the twerp who made it imperfect)
Give it to your mother instead, making it just the way she likes it.
Hot enough to wake you up for another day of wonderful schooling.

Would you rather...?

Play tag
Kill small forest creatures.
Torture small forest creatures.
Design a housing development