How well you know how to look rich?

You’re not a millionaire? Not having enough money for shopping designer clothes every day? Don’t worry! With some tips you will look rich! How well you know how to look rich? Go on and test it! Good luck! ;-)

published on May 22, 20184 responses 0
How well you know how to look rich?
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Imagine that someone is asking you to give him/her 100$. But you don’t have that money (alright you have, but you don’t want to give your 1\3 money to someone else). What would you do?

Shut up, b*tch! I’m really
No big deal! Wait... It gotta
be here! Oops... Sorry, I
forgot to take my wallet. I’ll
give it to you next time!
Maybe. I don’t know. But hey! I’m not a billionaire!
No prob! But my friend is asking for money too, so...

Your friend gave you a Gucci dress/jacket . Wow! What would you do?

What? Nothing!!
Wear it on your birthday. And you didn’t mentioned it to anyone.
Wear it next day to school/university/work and brag to everyone.
Talk about your dress/jacket non-stop to your friends.

The most popular and hot girl invited you to her birthday bash! What would be the first thing you will say to her?

Thank you, hon!
This party is so small...
Thanks! BTW you look like my BFF from my past school/university/work! She’s beautiful and kind like you!
I’m am f*cking rich, so you should be shamed about your stupid dress!

Your rich neighbor wanted to give you 1000$. You really need that for some new clothes. And you...

You accepted that without saying “thank you”z
You don’t accept it and you told your neighbor that you don’t want it politely without hurting his/her feelings.
You accepted it politely.
You didn’t accepted that asked your neighbor to drink some tea.

Do you know these brands? Chanel, Armani, Prada, Calvin Klein, Michael Kors, Gucci, Dolce&Gabbana, Louis Vuitton, Lamborghini, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi, Burberry.

Yeah. What’s that special?
Except Prada and Chanel (or two other brands)
Some of those.

Did you liked this quiz?

It was ok.
Worst test ever!