What kind of girl are you? (6)

Take this quiz and find out! Don't expect accuracy btw this is just for fun <3

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Hello everyone! Are we ready to begin the quiz?

I cannot/refuse to communicate with humans today.
Hello! Yeah sure!
Whatever :)
Hero! I so excited! rawr <3
Sure, :)
Omg! Yeah! xx
Konnichiwaaa! Yess let's begin!! Hehe! XD
Yea ok

Ok. What's your favourite colour!! :)

ughhh do i really have to talk to you? FINE. black
Probably pastels, with a touch of black.
Pastels, cute colours, and pink!! hehe :)
um, i like most colours, or don't have a fave.
Ugh.. idrk red? grey? blue?
OOH! tricky... black! or....or NEON! rawr <3

uh huh! Ok, now, what kind of music do you like?

Emotional music, metal, rock, or indie.
screamo. or metal. .......-sigh-
oooh! vocaloidd songs! so....cute!!! Ah...
Pop songs or what everyone else is listening to
Um..indie or normal music
uh? idrk LOL. probs what the boys are listenin' to.
metal. screamo. y'know
uhm... metal? hehe with a touch of cute!

Perfect! Now, what do you like to do in your free time?

sit. on my own. in a dark room. listening......to music....yeah.
Uh..go out, read , listen to music, browse the web..you know!
Um...pick out outfits! Or go for sleepovers with my friends! Or text BOYS! OMG
Listen to lots of music <3
GAH! watch anime, read manga...or just...totally CHIBI OUT! you know, the usual hehehe! :)
idk just normal stuff
go out with the boys, playin footy, or climbin trees . haha
um..listen to music..or go crazy over fandoms!! O.o

What would you most likely wear?

black. jeans, top. black
big extravegant black clothes.
Simple jeans and a cute top, or a dess, with simple hair or a messy bun, topped off with a beanie or cute ankle boots.
uh..an adorable dress or sexy, sparkly top! Paired with heels and curled hair.
idk..shorts? top? i dont care to be honest! haha
OOH! an adorable sailor dress or pastel top, with tons of bows and a wig!
Cute pastel top or sweater, with black leggings and creepers!
stripy gloves and leggings, cute skirt, band t-shirt, coloured straight hair.

Which of these describe you most?

Laid back, pretty, friendly.
anti-social, depressed, ugh
nice, misunderstood, different
kawaii- desu! girly, sweet, shy.
girly, fun, simple
outgoing, doesn't care, fun
creepy-cute, rawr, fandoms r lifee! O.o
pastel, sweet, different, creepy-cute.

ok, that's all. by then!

ugh. no
ok..um bye
sure! bye :)
aww.. byeee rawr <3
kk byeeee xx
lol k bye
aww.... so saddd. see you soon! bye byeee! ;( ;(