what five nights at freddys charactor are you

lets see we have Bonnie chica Freddy mike Jeremy toy bonnie toy freddy etc well good luck hope you get what you wanted

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what is your favorite fnaf character?

foxy <3
Bonnie of course!
i love them all

how would you like to transport?

runn, how else?
teleport obviously

what do your clothes look like?

ragged and torn from fights
new and shiny!
makeup and a bowtie
a bib that says "lets eat!"
a top hat and a bowtie

how old are you?

i'm not comfortable answering this
does this matter

do you like to perform?

absolutely i love the attention!
hellz no!
i would rather be watching

what is your favorite colour?

reddish brown
black and brown
yellow and gold

who do you think did the bite of '87?

i couldn't dream of ever seeing that done!
i would say freddy
defiantly chica

what do you love the most?

yelling argh! on stage
rockin on my guitar
all of the above (me: hellz yea!)

how would you attack someone?

runn at em and scare the sh*t out of em
wait till its dark then let my eyes glow then attack
i would never!
wait outside their door then BAM!
i-i dont think i could do that