can you survive my insane mind?

there will be very hard decisions, there will be twist and turns, have fun!

published on July 29, 201457 responses 19
can you survive my insane mind?
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hi, i'll be the one deciding if you will die, or live. *puts tails doll on table* what do you think of him?

i hate him! he's evil! KILL IT WITH FIRE!!
aww, he's cute <3 me: uhm, ok
HE'S REAL! I WANT ONE! me: here then *gives gives a tails doll to you* you: OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH

*plays original lavender town music* how do you like the song?

turn it off. NOW!
it freaks me out, but i like it. me: then i'll just keep playing it. for a while.
this is what i listen to when im going to bed, its like a lullaby, i can even dance to it!

*pulls out knife and a person in a cage* kill him

NO PLEASE! me: its not that hard you just pick the knife up *stabs the guy in the cage* see? you: *crys*
*cuts the guy* uhm, is that good? me: close enough
*brutaly murders the guy* is that good? me: hehehe perfect

your half way through! sonic.exe, come here, turn them into exe's sonic.exe: ok! my pleasure!

THATS IT *runs away* sonic.exe: your too slow!
*crys* me: oh, its hurting him, well thats good!
awesome! im a exe now! me: you like it? you: yeah! sonic.exe: now you can join us!

do you like me?

yes, i love you <3 me: uh, i meant as a friend
as a friend

whats your favorite creepypasta duo?

which one do i like?NONE OF THEM! you PHYCO!
slender and jeff!
tails doll and sonic.exe!

do you know any lyrics to the song iNsANiTY?

no, and is that a song or your dumb as F**K PERSONALITY
i know the song but not the lyrics
YES, i LOVE that song!

final question! since your a .exe, did you know blood is coming out of your eyes?

kill me now.
it's freaking me out!
awesome! i LOVE IT!!!