Which Stuck in the Middle character are you?

Which Stuck in the Middle character are you?

Who are you from the Diaz family?, this quiz will give you the answer your looking for.😎

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How would you react if you younger brothers stole your phone?

I don’t care, I have better things to do
Whyyyyyyyy my phone did nothing wrong
You will pay for this, better sleep with one eye
Shave their eyebrows off

Which name do you like better?


Where is your hangout?

The basketball court
My bedroom
The trash
My playhouse
My recording room(aka the drive way)
My inventors fair

What is your go to activity?

Make music
Play sports
Text my friends
Go on my boyfriends quad-bike
Invent things
Dumpster dive
Have teaparties with my headless doles

What would you do if you didnt goes the answer you wanted?

I don’t care I can take another quiz
Whyyyy I hate this quiz