What basic dere type are you?

Includes: tsundere, yandere, dandere, and kuudere also one more (you must take the quiz to find out) Enjoy! ・ω・

published on December 17, 202019 responses 6
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You see your crush/senpai walking down the halls with another girl/boy

Oh well I don’t really mind that much,,,
Well as if I care *mutters under breath* Baka
*loads shotgun with intent of murder*
... ok...
Delete ThEm

Your crush/senpai asked you out what’s your answer

O- ok fine B- baka but don’t get the wrong idea!
S- sure,, (・////・)
*Immediately accepts throwing knife far away*
*Stops deleting * YeS

You see your crush/senpai dating some other girl/boy what’s your first thought

Oh *sniff*
Well I didn’t like him/her anyway,
Oh ok, guess this is happening
*already thinking of ways to kill them*
Delete THEM

You go on a walk with your crush/senpai what do you bring

I’ll bring my trusty knife just Incase things get a little out of hand >;3
I’ll just bring whatever it’s not like It’s my problem what happens,,, Baka,,,
ill Just bring whatever I got I guess,,,
I could bring some sort of activity for us to do, if they wanna (・///・)
Le deletion power (it’s helpful,)

Your crush/senpai dumped you WHAT DO YOU DO

*Is too shy to say anything about it*
Well whatever Baka! I didn’t like you anyway!
SeNpai, (immediately grabs knife with intent to murder senpais next love)
I was afraid this might happen, *deletes everything but you and them*