Which Bible Woman Are You?

Which Bible Woman Are You?

Do you know which Old testament woman are you most like? Is it Deborah? Hannah? Judith? Delilah? Take the quiz to find out!

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If you wanted to learn a new language would you...

A. Teach yourself from the internet- Forget school!
B. Hire someone or find a friend to teach you.
C. Allow 4 years of school until you are confident you've mastered it.

You're running late to an internship at your dream job and someone steals your cab. You...

A. Just get another one, there's plenty cabs in the city.
B. "Borrow" a Vespa from the Chinese delivery guy, Don't worry You'll bring it back.
C. Throw open the door, and get in- There's room for two and you will not be late.

Your mom's gone for the weekend, but has forbid you from going to a party on Saturday because you're grounded. What do you do?

A. Sneak out!- What she doesn't know can't hurt her, right?
B. Throw a party at your house! Hey, you didn't leave did you?
C. Wait till you're off punishment- There will be another party.

Your parents arrange for you to be married to a rich guy you detest. Do you...

A. Marry him, he means well and you may learn to love him eventually.
B. Run away, they can't force you to do anything.
C. Marry him if your family really needs the money, You can divorce him later.

Your little brother constantly asks to sleep in your bed when he's scared. Do you...

A. Let him stay tonight, but tomorrow try to get him back in his own bed.
B. Let him sleep there until he's worked through his fears.
C. Let him sleep there whenever he wants, after all he's only 9!