Personality quiz 1

Personality quiz 1

This is a simple test of character based on how I think. Please Note: no quiz is 100% accurate all the time this is based on how I think. Choose the closest answer choice

published on May 26, 201612 responses 2

Which best describes you?


How do you feel about life

It's okay I guess...
It's a party!
It's pretty good.
It's good sometimes, but other times it's a trainwreck
It's not that pleasant, but in the end it'll be worth it
It's wasted potential

You find out you're friend is always bad mouthing you behind your back. What do you do

Aw @$&# no! Say a bunch of stuff about
Nothing. Or ask then to stop
Act really mean to them and/or get revenge
Stop being friends with her. She wasn't a
friend in the first place

How are your social skills.

I like to help others. I may hurt them, but I only do it to help...
They're alright. I'm usually friendly.
Good, I have a lot of friends.
Good, I use them to my advantage.
I communicate pretty well.

Your best friend introduces you to someone you don't know. He/She say the stranger will be hanging out with you guys today what do you do.

Treat the stranger like a best friend
Go along with it, and be nice
Tell your friend you don't want to go unless
it's just the 2 of you
Go along with it, but don't talk much to the

Your friend is ignoring you. What do you do

Try to see if something's wrong
Ask then why they're ignoring you, and be
rude back
Give then their space, if it continues talk to

Your mom is upset. Why?

You told her off
You were completely honest
You accidently said something mean
She's disappointed in you