What gnaw wolf of the Beyond are you?

What gnaw wolf of the Beyond are you?

You are a wolf of the Beyond. As a young pup you were deemed cursed due to a deformity, and an Obea took you to a tummfraw to insure that you will die to keep the bloodlines of the pack healthy. Against the odds you made it back to your pack and are now a gnaw wolf. But which one are you? Take this quiz to find out.

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Out on a hunt you see an outclanner, what do you do?

Sneak around him and pounce, chase him down if he runs
Roar, "Leave the Beyond!" If he refuses, attack
Run back to the pack, you know he is dangerous
Howl a warning to the pack and hold him off until they come

While fighting an ermine he darts into his hole. What do you do?

Run away, you will find a better use of your time!
Walk away, you know he is dangerous and he is not worth it
You are stronger than him! Dig into his hole and take him down!
Carefully trick him out of his hole and sneak up on him from downwind

In the gaddergnaw you are asked to hunt in a brygiss. When asked to chose your position, what do you chose?

Packer, you take down they prey at the end of the hunt with your strength
Outflanker, a quick wolf who runs at the prey with incredible speed, then letting the packers take down the prey
Line wolf, you have to pass signals and figure out manuvers to take down the prey
Turning Guard, confident wolves you have to turn the entire herd of prey

You find a pup at the edge of the Beyond? What do you choose to do with it?

Find it parents, or find out who they are. You won't stop until you find out whos pup this is, if its parents have passed or left it you will adopt it
Take it to your pack! You are hopeful they will know what to do
You take it in, real parents would never leave a young pup out alone
Only the strong survive! Maybe it was a cursed one, it would be wrong to take it

You see a wolf drowing in an icy river, it will be dangerous to rry and rescue it, what will you do?

Jump in and save it! It will die if you don't!
Figure a way to get it out without endangering yourself, there has to be a way to save him
Run to get your pack! They will know what to do, you are hopeful that it will survive
Howl for help to your pack, until they come jump in! You are strong and can try and save him

A wolf is murdered! An innocent wolf was framed, you know he didn't do it, what will you do?

Remain optimistic that the true killer will be found and let the wolf know you know it was him
You will not rest until the true killer is found!
You stand by him and help find the killer, it would be wrong not to!
Protect the framed wolf and find the true killer

You know that the MacHeaths have mained a pup to make it have a chance at the Watch of the Ring of Sacred Volcanoes, how do you handle the situation

Go to your cheiftain and tell him you know that he was a cursed wolf made! Even if it against others opinions
Attack the MacHeaths for their crimes!
Find evidence of the maiming and go to the cheiftain with evidence and a strong case
Leave it be, you are are a gnaw wolf, what can you do? Someone else will go to the cheiftain!

At the gaddergnaw, you are asked to carve a story bone, a beautiful story often showing how you have overcome your deformities. What is your story?

A bone describing how your deformities made you work harder to become faster and stronger
A bone describing that having a disability made you appreciate the little things in life, giving you an optomistic outlook on life even though you have less than others
A bone showing that your deformity often made you strive to excell at other things making you determined
A bone showing that you must be brave even if your deformities make you look weak, you are stong