What Zelda Character are you?

What Zelda Character are you?

Out of just a few of them, which would you be? This won't nesseraly be accurate, some people can haver different opinions on the personnalities of each character, especially link. Also, this is a bit special of a quizz, you'll see why. It's very possible that you don't get an accurate personnality, but enjoy anyway!

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First, basic question, which out of these characteristics suit you best?


What kind of place would you like to live in?

By a lake, it's so calm and beautiful.
A warm place where it's always sunny! :D And not cold :( I hate the cold
A place where it's not too hot and sunny and not too cold :)
Wherever people are open-minded and crazy xP
Anywhere as long as i have my friends ^.^
Somewhere I can do dangerous crazy stuff >:D I'm a little dare-devil
A city is fine, where living with family isn't too hard.
A place where I get a job xD
Hmmm, someplace I don't have to worry about my image, that's always annoying
An important city :D I want to work in business >:)

Okay, let's start a story shall we?

Ha sure! let me bring some buddies!
Why not ^^ I could tell it to others.
Sigh... that's gona be long...
I don't really have time for that.
You need me for it? Okay.
That's great! :) I love stories
I'm definetly in! unless it's just some boring dialogue xD
*smiles* ...
I bet I have a better one >:)
Awesome! Can I be the evil one?

The story starts with you just walking around looking for a job. What job would you like?

Anything that makes me move around. I can't sit still or I fall asleep
Somewhere I don't need to speak too much, I can't take doing speeches.
I want to work in the law
Something like comedian ;)
Anything as long as I'm useful
A job? Boooring!
In the medias, I like to know what's going on. What's really going on. I've never trusted medias.
Hmmm, something that makes me work out >:D and with friends of course
Business! You get quite the money if you're good at it >:)
Something where I don't have to work too hard...

Now you're supposed to impress your boss. How do you work it out?

Act like a cool person, but not easy going ;)
Be very, veeery nice to him
Gods... I have no idea :(
I'll try to stay proper, but I'll probably just end up embarassing him, too funny.
Show how much of a hard work and a good employee I am >:) Cause I am!
I'll try to say just what he wants to hear. He doesn't have to know all the truth.
Act smarter and smuger than him, if he's a good boss he'll like it. I am better than him anyway.
Just stay very polite and compliment him.
Just kick him till he says I'm in.
let's settle it with an armwrestle >:)

While you talk with your boss, a woman passes by with coffee. She then accidentaly hits you and spills the coffee all over your boss and blames you for it. The boss then assumes it was you, probably just because the woman is pretty(er, if your a girl) and sends you off without the job. What do you tell him?

But... Okay...
Sir, you are no fun.
You're a big fat pervert anyway, and this job's boring.
What?! I'm coming back here with friends to give you a lesson!
How rude! this girl is so mean!
Hm... I'll find another way in. you just wait and see. ;)
Fine. *glare*
is this how you choose all your employees? Well you're going down fast.
whatever, I'm sure I can find another job.

You walk out frustrated, You don't really know what to do now, you're out of job and low on money, suddently, a person calls you, it's a girl, called Linda, an old firend of yours.You haven't seen her in a while. Both of you start talking about life, family, jobs and eventually end up on money, of which she explains she's in need of, fast. It's way over what you can pay, and you don't even have a job now. What can you do?

No, I keep my money. She can go beg elswhere.
Uhm, I can help, a bit, I'll give her as much as I can for now.
Perhaps I'll help her find a job.
Haha, look at her, so ignorant. no wonder she has no job.
I'll try to help her. she's a friend afterall.
Maybe we can work out a deal ;)
let's help eachother! Okay?
Course sis! I'll do what I can!
Hm... I can help her in a way. I'll spare a bit of my earned money for her.

You didn't give her any money (yet, if you were going to), and went back home. When you arrive, you turn on the tv and the news speak of a gang kidnapping a young girl. it's Linda. She suddently disapeared. A gang of boys using people for money have recently been kidnapping people, and so the gang is suspected for this. How do you react to that?

oh god! I have to save her!
No! She was such a great friend! I need to find help!
We have to stop this gang!
Well, this looks like fun, perhaps I'll go look for her.
They won't get away with this on my watch! no one hurts my friends!
they. will. pay for this. *smirk*
I can't confront this gang alone, but maybe I can help her sneak out...
*sigh* This idiot. I have things to do. now I have to help her -.-
poor girl! I'll send the police after these bastards!
*rage* I'm going to beat them up right now.

as you start to investigate, you meet another friend to whome you haven't talked in a long time. It's Gilbert, an old classmate now working with the police. he knew Linda pretty well too. usually, he never talks to you, and suddently, now that you investigate, he decides to work with you. Do you trust him?

Hell no! get away from me, I'm sure you're involved in this!
I'm fine with those who are already helping, thanks *suspicious look*
Hm... if he is involved, maybe I can uncover it at some point. Sure let's work together!
pff who needs your help, I'm going to uncover this like a boss alone!
Yeah... I don't really know what to do anyway...
I'll have to, we need to save her fast.
All help is needed! But I'll be careful,
Folow if you want, but I'm going to find and help her now.
Hm... no, I'll work alone, but I'm watching him.
He has a gun, maybe I can send him off first with the gang and take the girl.

You go to the girl's hourse to investigate, Gilbert didn't come with you. it's a huge mess, like there was a fight everywhere. As you look under the bed you find a strange document. it's a criminal record for a gang leader. Emediatly, you recognise gilbert on the picture! suddently, the lights turn off, and you hear the noise of footsteps slowly creaking as they sink into the wood, closer and closer. it could be someone from the gang! What do you do?

Darn! Ill grab something heavy and defend myself with it!
maybe I can tlk my way out of it!
Quick something to stop bullets, just in case. The ill fight!
oh darn! Run! Now!
*starts laughing very loudly* maybe that'll make him come out.
I'll just fist him if he attacks >:)
*Charges* Yah!
Oh gods help me! *screams for help*
Come out now and I might not shoot you! I'm persuasive >:)
I can maybe sneak out before he finds me.

The lights turn back on and Gilbert walks casually in the room, a little surprisd to see you. You quickly hide the document behind you and explain you found nothing. Gilbert apears suspicious and confused, but walks away lost in thoughts. later you run to the police station with the document, but the discover gilbert's been kidnapped too. Shocked and wondering where you went wrong, you look closely at the paper. You then notice the picture is a little riped like it was quickly remplaced and the name was changed. As you read the erased name, it spells L i n d a. She betrayed you! how do you react?

I can't believe I was so blind! I have to help Gilbert now!
How can one do such a thing... she lead the gang all along... how horrible... I have to gather help!
That little traitor! I'm going to punche the loyality i had for her back in her face!
Hm... I knew it.
Now, I'm mad. *epic glare*
*speechless offended face*
Her gang against my gang of buddies, oh it's on.
What?! No! The traitor! She will deeply regret this *evil laugh*
hehe... hahaha! Now this is intresting.
*cries* why...

You go with the police where the gng was found out in Gilbert's notes. As you arrive there, everything turns out in a fight. What do you do?

Go beat the gang leader! I'm not scared of jumping in there!
I'll let the police handle this, I don't wanna do this.
Take a microphone and try to negociaty a truce!
let's go beat them up guys!
I'll defend Gilbert at all costs!
You little, you will pay! *epic punch*
escort Gilbert out of there and hide!
meaningless fight. This story is starting to get boring -_-
*takes out machine gun* alright now you all listen to me.
*Cries* Someone help Gilbert!

Linda was arrested, and GIlbert is safe. In the end, it was all alright, but your still out of job x)
How did oyu like the story?

Thrilling! Yay! loved it!
not my style at all! :(
pretty cool ^^
Yeah bro! Now I want a gang of friends!
The end never comes -_-
Boring. And how is this a quizz?
0 scenario, I saw everything coming
Way. Too. Long.
You call that a story?
I like it!