Which Irongale Character Are You?

A personality quiz to see which character in the Irongale RPG you're most like.

published on August 15, 20179 responses 0

What occupation do you aspire to have?

Military/Law Enforcement
World Traveler
Fashion Expert
Child Support Worker
Anything that holds a lot of adventure.

Favorite color?

Light blue
Dark blue
Black, like my soul.

What's something you like to do in your free time?

Play pranks on my friends
Be savage to people that deserve said savagery
Chill out and text memes to my friends
Go clubbing
Spend time with people I care about. You only live so long, after all
I don't have free time. I have too much that I want to get done.

Describe your ideal date:

A romantic stroll through a moonlit park, where my s/o and I can have a quiet and meaningful moment to ourselves
Something fun and adventerous, where me and my s/o can be ourselves and have a good time
A dance, where I can sweep my s/o off their feet.
I'd like to let my s/o pick. As long as she/he's happy, then so am I.
I hear the bedroom's pretty nice this time of year ;)

What's your best physical attribute?

My eyes
My hair
My abs
My smooth skin
My smile
Why pick one when everything about me is beautiful?

On a similar note, what's your fashion sense like?

Something elegant, maybe a little sexy sometimes
Tastefully conservative
Anything that highlights my features
Lolita and other 'cutesy' clothing
I keep it casual most of the time, though I can clean up nicely
Anything with bright colors
Anything with dark colors
There are more important things to worry about than fashion

You've been imbued with superpowers! What would your superpower be?

Controlling all four elements
The ability to control emotions
Super strength
Control over shadows
Mind control
Pfft, I'm too awesome for superpowers

What's your biggest fear?

Facing a past trauma
Being too powerless to help anyone
Not being able to fix anything beyond your control
Being mocked for who I am
Becoming a terrible person
Letting people see how vulnerable I really am

You've got one wish! What will it be?

To bring peace to everyone under my charge
For everyone to be equal
To see someone I care about once again
For my crush to like me
Wish for more wishes, duh

What's your favorite Disney movie?

Hunchback of Notre Dame
Beauty and the Beast
Princess and the Frog
Little Mermaid
Big Hero 6