Which Doctor are You? (2)

Which Doctor are You? (2)

Better and Revised. Has all thirteen, plus the War and Shalka Doctors!

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What is your greatest personality flaw?

My quick temper
I'm rather snobbish
I tend not to care about others
I'm extremely eccentric
I can get rather moody
I tend to act now, think later

Where do you travel in the TARDIS?

The far future
Anywhere I'm needed
Wherever I end up
Wherever I feel like vacationing
The past

What do you look for in a companion?

Caring and loyal
Bold and adventurous
Someone smart
Whoever I find in my TARDIS
I prefer travelling alone
Anyone who needs protection
My best friend

How would you describe yourself?

Highly energetic
Sad, angry, and confused
Humble and caring
Smart and clever

Choose a jacket!

Long and swishy
Black or dark blue
A simple tweed

The Daleks are at your mercy...

Let them live. They are important to history
Destroy them all!
Do! Not! Destroy! Living! Creatures!
Torture them, but let them live
Keep them contained
Run away from the problem