what mood are you?

You could be.... Grumpy.... Calm.... Ditzy.... Why don't you find out ;)

published on June 14, 201421 responses 6

You just got some new shoes and your brother plays in mud with them. What do you do?

Go tell my mom. DUHH :)
Snatch the shoes from him and beat him with it! Those were new! He did that on purpose!
Oh look brother has a pair of my new shoes in the mud.. Todays going great :D

Favorite color?

Blue like a soft ocean
Red like fire!
Other. :)
Is this a trick question?
NONE of these >:(

Meep :)

meep.? I guess..
This is so stupid >:(
OO i love this game ! Meep! Meep! :)

You come out of the Diner and a stranger sneezes on you and your food. What do u do?

Bless you.
Throw your food at his\her face and march off.
Oh look ! Sprinkles! :)
Ill buy another one i guess :/
Ugh! today is not going well! >:( Stupid people,cover your mouth!

Bob told me to tell you hi :)

Oh hi there Bob! :D
Who the heck is Bob!! Do i need to get my beating stick?
Hi? Ok then....

Let faith decide ;)

This is so stupid! >:(

Im bored :/

Oh. Me too.
What is this word you called Bored?
Who cares about how you feel !

How was the test? :)

what test ? where test ? when test?
It wasn't bad
It sucked! I hated it!