What Kind Of Angel Are You?

What Kind Of Angel Are You?

What angel are you destined to be? Will the true angel be revealed? Only you will know. Enjoy. Comment. Rate. Tell me what kind of quiz to do next. Follow. Message. I don't know lol y'all should of known thus quiz was coming soon lol

published on November 25, 2014129 responses 36 4.7★ / 5

How would you describe your past?

Dark, mysterious
Protective over loved ones
Hurt, Painful
Cheerful, Happy

Would you trust a stranger?

Better question: Would you trust me? Answer: no! (Me: >.< alright I ask questions)
Make them think I do, but keep my guard up
Sure. They can't be that bad.

Roleplay time! You were flying through the air. Enjoying the feel of the night when another guy angel flys and asks to go to a party..you..

Go with him. It will be fun!
Just go with him to make sure nothing bad happens.
No. I'd rather continuing flying.
A guy talk to me? Never.

Arriving at a big city, you glare down at the trouble happen below and try to...

Stop everything going on
Report it to a higher angel
Stop remembering the pain inside as you look at the people
Fly away from the people scare of you

You then get surrounded by a group of rogue angels..you..

Tell them to get away before something bad happens
Get ready to fight your way out of it
Roll your eyes and walk away
Convince them what they are doing is bad

You feel your throat began to grow parch, so you decide to get a drink of...

Sweet tea

Ok. I'm done role playing, so what do you think about the world?

Even though it is cruel, it can change.
It is covered with selfish and hurtful people.
It's painful.
Just needs stronger people.

If someone could describe you in one word, they would say..


Your dream wings would be what color?

Dark and mysterious
Beautiful shade of white
Shade of light

If you had one flaw, it would be..

Too trusting