Which Once Upon A Time character are you? (1)

Take this quiz to find out which Once Upon A Time character you are. In case you don't know what Once Upon A Time is -- It's the best show ever made, and I'm not explaining it to you, because obviously you know about it to have searched up this quiz. Idiot.

published on July 12, 201423 responses 6 4.8★ / 5
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You're being robbed. He has a knife. How do things go down?

I fight back, if it's a his life or mine situation.
I would tell him, "You can have it all, just don't hurt me or my family."
If he intends on hurting my loved ones, he's a goner. I'm not a killer, but I will defend my family.
Goodness, he'd be dead before he could even reach for his gun. Who would dare break into my house?!?!
I would give him a second chance, because I've learned that everyone deserves one. I could easily spare some things, anyway.
Yeah, he's dead. I'm a changed person, but still, nobody messes with me, I mean come on.
I would talk to him rationally. After all, there must be some good in him somewhere that doesn't REALLY want to KILL me.
I would, in all honesty, kill him, and then feel awful later, knowing it was the wrong thing to do.
You know what? I'm not a killer, I would normally not want to legitimately kill someone, but if this guy seems totally ready to kill me, then I'd probably have to shoot the guy. I'd say it with something like, "I didn't want to have to do this," though...

There's a war.

You fight. But only if truly required.
Yeah right like I'm fighting just because some people SAY to.
Yeah, I'm the cause of it. So have fun, all you little soldiers.
Help out if I can I want this to be over soon.
I can't die. I'm running away. I have to.
I'm fighting because I need to and I'm not a coward.
If I gotta fight I gotta fight I just hope I'm home soon.
I won't need to fight... Will I....? I don't want that. I read. Not fight.
I can't die, I have people in my life to live for. I'm taking my family, and going to another kingdom.
I really hope none of my family is drafted.

Do you believe in true love?

Yes, although, it isn't easy to regain after being lost.
I guess it's real but it's a little fairy-tale to me.
Yes, it's what saved the Enchanted Forest so many times.
Yes, although it's hard to come by.
Yes. The person you love always brings out the best in you.
Yes, and it can come in many different forms.
Love is just a weakness.
Of course!!!
Yes, it's the best thing that ever happened to humanity.
Of course. When you love a person, you can't let them go.
Yes. It's there. Although it may not seem like it, you might already have it.

Pick a potion

Love potion
Dark Fairy Dust
Grants 3 Wishes, but no asking for more wishes, death, or life.
Grants 5 Wishes, but no asking for more wishes, love, death, or life.
I don't use magic.
Sleeping Curse
True love in a bottle so I can break curses whenever

Is family important?

Wouldn't know.
Yeah.. But I'm not so good at that...
Family is the most important thing there is.
Trust me, it's pretty great, so yeah take care of it while you've got it.
Not always TOP priority
Most important thing we've got as humans.
Why should it be?
Try never to lose it.
Of course. Never let go. They're always there for you.
Always protect them.