Which Ever After High Rebel are You?

Which Ever After High Rebel are You?

This quiz is for REBELS ONLY! So Rebels, step on up and find out which EAH Rebel you are! BTW, this is a girls-only quiz. :)

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Who would you like your parents to be?

Who would you like  your parents to be?
The Evil Queen and the Good King
Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf
Rapunzel and her Prince Charming
The Mad Hatter
A Charming couple
The Candy Witch

What story do you most feel like you're in?

What story do you most feel like you're in?
Snow White
Red Riding Hood
Alice in Wonderland
Charming Princess
Hansel and Grethel

Who would you most like as a roommate?

Apple White
Cedar Wood
Cerise Hood
Holly O'Hair
Blondie Lockes
Kitty Cheshire
Rosabella Beauty
Melody Piper

Which name sounds the most wicked awesome?


What's your biggest dream?

What's your biggest dream?
I want to be true to myself no matter what.
I want to be honest about who I really am without everyone hating me for it.
I want to be real. I don't want to be a fake.
I want to discover my destiny!
I want to fall in love!
I want to go to Wonderland!
I want to be a hero.
I guess I kind of just want to be ordinary.

What magic touch would you like most?

What magic touch would you like most?
Black magic
Speed/senses of a wolf and a magical cloak that can make me invisible
Never experience pain
Magical hair that grows to your feet every night
To be able to help anyone fall in love
A Hat of Many Things that can hold anything!
Whenever you toss your hair, time slows down
You can spell invisibility or flight spells into food

What would annoy you most?

When I try to use my black magic for good and it backfires.
Always having to hide who I really am from everyone.
Always having to tell the truth and blurt out whatever you're thinking.
When my "shortcuts" have Happilly Never Afters.
Sucking at something that everyone expects you to excel at
No one ever believing what you say
Always being treated like a helpless nobody
Always being treated like an evil witch

What would be your favorite subject?

What would be your favorite subject?
Arts and Crafts
Princess Design
Hero Training
Cooking Class-ic

What would be your least favorite subject?

What would be your least favorite subject?
History of Evil Spells

What is your signature quote?

What if I want to choose my own Happily Ever After?
When I run like the wind, I feel free. I wish I could join the school Track team, but I have to hide my strengths.
I just want to make my own decisions. That's hard as oak when I have a curse that doesn't let me think about what I want to
I'm a fairytale without a story, but I'm ready to write my own Happily Ever After!
Everyone is so used to following their destinies, they don't know how to follow their heart. I'm here to change that!
I can't wait to become the next Mad Hatter! The tea parties, the madness...
I don't want to wait for some random guy to save me. I want to be my own hero.
I'm tired of everyone seeing me as something I'm not just because of my mother.

What pet would you like to have?

What pet would you like to have?
Wolf cub
Gingerbread man

What would you name your pet?

Earl Grey
Cinnaman / Cinnamon

Where would you most like to live?

Where would you most like to live?
An old castle by the ocean.
A cottage in the forest.
A seaside condo.
A beautiful tower.
A castle, I suppose. I'd rather be off adventuring...
A house made entirely out of candy!

What is your everyday outfit?

What is your everyday outfit?
A striking top and dark purple skirt.
I never go anywhere without my hood.
A pretty top and bright skirt.
A high-waisted top and miniskirt with leggings.
A fuzzy top and lacy skirt.
A minidress with a full skirt, a huge bow, and polka dots.
A light ocean blue top, jeans, and whatever accessories I need to fit the look I need to get at the time.
A short dress with pink and brown candy swirls and designs, a black leather jacket (when it's cold), and leggings.

What would you wear to Legacy Day?

What would you wear to Legacy Day?
"A shimmery purple top with metal chain belts, purple leggings, and black knee-high boots with silver studs... her mother's
cape... with a high collar and fabric that shimmered and captured the glance. And she put on the crown, an intricate silver
dome with purple jewels dripping onto her forehead. She was a queen, after all."
A fur-trimmed red hood and a belted red dress with black sleeves.
A pink dress that falls down to your knees and a pinkish-purple cape with salmon ribbon trim
A hot purple floor-length cap-sleeved dress and a hot pink cape with salon-style imprints.
A tea-length cotton-candy pink dress with Greek-style sleeves and a fuzzy pink cape with heart garlands for trim.
A blue-and-gold suit with a jacket fitted at the waist, a pair of cute capris, and a sparkly skirt overlay.
A silvery blue silk dress with a long train and diamonds glimmering around the hem and the neckline and a long, flowing lace
cape colored with every shade from moon silver to wonderland blue.
An ankle-length, fishtail-skirted hot pink dress with lots of chiffon and streaks of cotton candy pink and an extra long pink
cape studded with crystals and smelling of cinnamon and sugar.

Why are you a Rebel?

It's cruel to trap people in a story where they have no decisions.
If I follow my destiny, I betray my family.
Choice is more important to me than anything - even though I signed before Raven even stepped up to the podium.
I don't know what my story is, but I want to make one for myself!
Following your heart means doing what you feel is right; not just whatever people tell you to do.
It's simply kilter-tipped to make people do things that they don't want to do!
I was born a Rebel.
I don't want to be a witch.

What's on your MyChapter?

Pics of me and my friends.
I don't have a MyChapter.
Inspirational quotes.
Pics of trendy hair and makeup ideas to get my creative juices flowing!
Anything Wonderland-ish!
I have a MyChapter, but I don't use it that often.
New recipes!

What's your shoe style?

What's your shoe style?
Shimmery black heels
Strappy, belted boots
Pink cork heels
Hot pink boots
Gold kitten heels with a pink hearts strap.
White and hold heels that look like teacups!
Whatever works. I prefer tennis shoes or at least flats -- heels are too hard to run in.
The most unique, bright shoes I can find!

Which of these hairstyles would you most like to have?

Which of these hairstyles would you most like to have?
A dark, rebellious purple with a sharp silver studded headband.
I like it long and dark with a white streak, but no-one ever sees it under my hood.
Curly brown locks.
Fiercely purple and with a sparkly pink silk headband.
Curly pink locks with a cupid-arrow-through-a-heart headband.
Wild, curly hair dyed turquoise and purple.
Long, curly blonde hair with streaks of blue.
Pink pigtails.

What is/are your signature color/colors?

Purple, black, and silver.
Red and black.
Brown, pink, and orange (pastel)
Hot pink and hot purple.
Cotton candy pink and gold.
All of them!
Silver and blue.
Hot pink and cookie brown.

What nail polish color would you most like?

Probably orange.
I'd like to try one of those fuzzy nail polishes.
Cotton candy pink.
Polka dots! (Me: That isn't a color.) Of course it is, you goose!
A warm brown.

What is your social status?

A person that lots of people look up to, even though I don't want to be a leader.
The loner.
The person that everyone pretends to like but don't really trust.
The social butterfly.
The person everyone comes to for advice.
The hyperactive, crazy BFF.
The girl that always surprises you.
The chef.

Which EAH Rebel is your favorite?