What Is Your Secret Identity? (Girls Only)

Who are you really? What is your real name? What kind of person are you? Take the quiz to find out.

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In your group of friends you are known as:

The popular leader
The sporty tomboy
The likeable one
The pet. Is always trailing along after them
The chilled and cool one

What is your boyfriend like?

A total hottie and a strong jock
Haven't got one. I have much more important things to do
A cute guy who is loud and fun
A popular guy who plays sport and is really loving
A nice guy who isn't always chasing a football in the park all day. I don't care what he looks like as long as he loves me.

Favourite place to hang out?

Skate park!
Mall! OMG! those shoes are sooo hot!
Sleepover with my besties!
I don't care! I will go wherever my friends are.
In my bedroom with my friends doing each others makeup

You would describe yourself as:

Popular and totes hot!
Quiet and fun
Sporty and outgoing
Whatever my friends are like I copy them
Cute and cool

Which name sounds the best to you?


Fave colour?

Pink! Pink! And more pink!
Umm... blue
whatever my friends like!

TV show?

America's next top model
Goal mouth
Good luck Charlie
The Big Bang Theory
If my friends watch it I do too

Online games?

soccer games
whatever my friends play on

Good Morning! Outfit for the morning?

Sweatpants, trainers and my football t-shirt. Time to hit the skate park!
Shorts with a knitted sweatshirt and sneakers.
Cocktail dress with heels and a glittery jacket
Whatever my friends are wearing I will to dress as close as that as possible.
I don't know. I'll just pick something flashy to wear from my wardrobe.


see ya!
hurry and give me my results, my eyebrows need doing.
have a good day