Are you secretly good or evil?

Are you secretly good or evil?

I made this quiz because I read a book called “School For Good And Evil”. And, WARNING: This is a funny quiz, do not take it serious!

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At lunch time, an unpopular boy asked can he sit with you. But you saw that the most popular guys are inviting you to sit with them. And at the same time your best friend asks the same thing. What would you do?

I would let the unpopular
boy sit with me.
I go to sit with the popular
I sit with my best friend.
Deny. Deny. Deny. I don’t want to hurt anyone, so I skip the lunch.

A girl left her 1000000$ diamond necklace on her table. But that girl hates you. What would you do?

I would take it.
I would leave hat necklace where it is.
I would give it to her. Even if she’ll think that I stole it.
I would look closer at that necklace then give her.

You’re writing a test, and you saw that the teacher’s answer list is on his table right in front of you. You...

I tell the teacher that he left his answer list in front of me.
I check for all the answers and correct all your wrong answers.
You check the list, but do nothing.
You ignore the answer list.

Would you rather...

Drop an IPhone X from the 55. floor.
Drop a kitten from 55.floor.
I can’t choose, so I’ll drop both.
I would run away with the kitten and IPhone.

Why do you use makeup?

I’m a boy! I don’t use makeup!
I don’t use makeup, because it’s not natural.
I like to use makeup because it’s fun!
I use makeup because I’m ugly, and I want to be beautiful.
I don’t use any. I’m too young to use makeup.

Do your friends and family call you evil?

When they’re angry.
Yes. Because I truly am!
Only once.

Pick a movie/book genre!

Does this matter?

Choose a character from the classic story Snow White And Seven Dwarfs!

Snow White
The prince
The evil queen
What is Snowy White And Eight Fish (or whatever it’s called)?

Have you ever been mean to someone?

Yes... But that person was really annoying!
What?! I’m mean all the time!

Did you liked this quiz? This won’t affect your result!

Yes!!!! It was perfect!!!
Kind of.
Sorry, but no...