The curse of the island - Would you survive?

The curse of the island - Would you survive?

Imagine being stranded on a deserted island, surrounded by the wide ocean one side, and by a huge jungle the other side. Would you survive? Take this quiz to find out!

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You wake up, feeling the warm sand under your body. One side, you see the wide, beautiful ocean. The other side, you see a huge, gigantic jungle. Although this feels like paradise, you know that surviving here will be quite challenging. What do you do?

Immediately search
for a water source.
Water is most
important for
Climb on a tree to
get an overview of
the island.
Run through the
jungle to find a
water source.
Explore the island a
bit. If I'm lucky, I'll
find some water or
Panic! How will I
survive here?!

After walking for hours, you finally find a river with clean water. You think it would be best to look for shelter in a nearby place so you constantly have access to the water source. Where do you take shelter?

I build an
improvised wooden
hut which I will
improve when I
have got the time
and the material.
I take shelter in a
nearby tree, safe
from wild animals.
I will probably just
stay at the river
and take shelter in
high grass or in a
I have no idea...
perhaps I will just
sleep on the

You spend the night in your shelter. The next day, you wake up with a growling stomach. What do you do?

Pick some berries
and roots. Later, I
will have the
possibility to get
meat if I have the
right materials and
Build an improvised
trap. There must
be some animals
Grab a stick and
run through the
jungle to hunt
some animals!
I think I always
have some candy
with me... ah
there, a snickers!
I don't know... I
will try to pick
some berries, but
I'm not sure if they
are poisonous or

After having eaten something, you decide to relax a bit on the island beach and think about a strategy to survive on this beautiful, yet dangerous island. What's your strategy?

Find a reliable food
source, then search
for some material
to create tools.
Make a schedule
every day so I'm
organized and don't
waste time.
Eat or be eaten!
I think I trust more
my instincts and
luck... I'm not
really good at
setting up
I'm too nervous to
think about a
strategy! I simply
hope I will survive

While you're thinking, you suddenly notice two items floating in the water. You only have the time to get one of these items. The first item is a medical kit, the second item is a knife. What do you get?

The medical kit. I
can create an
improvised tool /
weapon here, but I
won't find
medications on an
deserted island.
The knife. I don't
become sick or
injured easily, and
a knife would be of
more use to me
here as a tool or
hunting weapon.
I don't know! I will
probably waste all
my time panicking
or overthinking, so
that I don't even
have the time to
get one of the

Now that you have your item, you return to your shelter and go to sleep. You wake up in the middle of the night, hearing strange noises coming out of the jungle. You don't know what it is... only animals? Or worse?

Probably just
animals. I will try
to stay alert.
I'm not afraid! I
know how to
defend myself!
Just continue
sleeping. Whatever.
Panic and scream!

The night is over and you survived it! But you still don't know what this strange noises were... What are you going to do?

Better stay away
from this part of
the jungle. There is
enough water and
food near my
shelter, so that's no
I'm quite curious
now... perhaps I
should analyze
this? It may be
Explore this area. I
love adventures!
I will just have a
closer look - what
could possibly
I don't think I can
stand this horrible
island anymore!
*starts crying*

A helicopter! Over the island!

Oh! I will quickly
start a fire to
attract the
Start waving and
shouting. He will
probably rescue
Look up at the
helicopter, amazed.
Perhaps he will
land here?
Start panicking,
because you have
no idea how to
attract his

The helicopter... didn't notice you and flew away. Bummer... what do you do now?

Start a fire and
constantly keep it
lit, so people will
notice me in the
Collect a bunch of
rocks and
arranging them so
they form a huge
'SOS'. That will
certainly attract
I will try out as
many things as
possible! They
absolutely need to
notice me!
Just hope that
someone will land
on the island by
I don't know...

The day's over and you go to sleep. Of course, the next catastrophe arrives... an upcoming thunderstorm which looks quite dangerous. Your reaction?

Hide somewhere,
preferably in a
small cave or hole.
Don't worry. I will
just go to sleep as
I will try to stay
calm... *thunder
cracks* *shrieks*

Wow, you have stayed quite a long time on this island! How do you feel about it?

Honestly, I really
enjoy the wildlife!
I love the peace
and quiet here...
and it is sometimes
challenging, too!
I'm proud of myself
that I've survived
such a long time
I'm feeling lucky, I
I don't want to be
here anymore!

One day, you're wandering through the jungle, when suddenly you notice a strange kind of entrance built in a stone wall... what's that? You take a closer look and recognize that this is some kind of temple. You are interested and decide to have a closer look. There! Words carved in the wall:

"Solve the mystery of this temple,
and you will escape the curse of the island."

The second part will be released (soon)! I hope you enjoyed this quiz. Now find out how you survived all this! Was it your determination that boosted your will to survive? Or was your cleverness an advantage here? Or something else?

I'm a survival
expert. No wonder
that I survived this!
It was probably my
My determination
of course! I'm
strong and always
focused on my
I was probably just
I don't think I
would survive