How you feel toward people and yourself

How you feel toward people and yourself

This test is better then the other one trust me T.T and this test will see how you act toward people and how you feel toward them

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How do you feel toward others?

You are friendly to who ever comes your way
You hate them. You would rather let them
get eaten first then you
You feel like if you don't do what they say
they will call you names and pick on you

How do you feel about the world now?

I feel like everyone has an equal part in
I feel like the world's gonna end anyway so
why should I care
I don't know...whatever she says

Do you try to fit in with the people or just do as you do?

I like to try to fit in because it makes me feel
like I'm wanted
I don't need to fit in because I am myself and
That's all I need to know
They alkaloids go die somewhere I don't care
what they think of me

How do you feel about the quiz so far?

..I should ask you that question
Loving it

If your parents had a talk with you about how you felt what would you say?

You don't need to knows That's my business.
And my business only
Well mom I..I don't know ask frank
I feel great why should I be worried or what

Do you feel like you want to hide your shame in a chest and throw it in the ocean so you could never have that shame again?

Yes..all the time