What Creativian Player are you

What creativian player are you this quiz includes Lingminging, Daleksec1000 Enderfart and Craftiegreen

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YAY, you have been made dictator for life, what is you first law

Nah, it's ok I just wanna build give the title to some else
All other players MUST sware loyalty to me or have them exacuted
Equality for all
Order everyone to be peaceful

Sire, a group of rebels have revolted

Have their buildings destroyed, families murdered and then exacute them
What ever
Put them in my super prison
Give them some tea and set them free

My lord, a member of your government has refused to swear loyalty

Maybe if we swear loyalty to him, he will swear loyalty to me?
Attack him and treat him as a hinin or eta
Make him an eta

My lord, we have united creativia and them people want to give you a title what shall it be?

Great Uniter
Big Boss guy

What Element are you


How do your friends describe you

Great Leader

How do your enemies describe you

A sociopath with delusions of grandeur
A person with mental health issues
too philosophical
too peaceful

How powerful are you in minecraft

I am more of a figurehead
I am extremely powerful and influential and everyone bows to me
I am powerful because my subjects like me
I don't care. Why would I want power

You are now the leader what do you order your army to do

only attack if we are attacked
Attack and kill anyone or anything thats stands in my way from having power over everyone and everything
You are all disbanded
Go keep the peace