sonic wwffy (6)

sonic wwffy (6)

Your tale with sonic the hedgehog see what you look like and how you fall in love

published on September 01, 201441 responses 6 4.7★ / 5

You see a light in the distans

What is it
Let's go
For narnia ( tee hee)

You see a emerald glowing so you go to touch it and hear some one yell "stop" before you black out

"What happened"
"What is it"
"Need answer"

"Hey wake up " someone says you look up to see a two tailed fox " were am I " you say" " ok first i'm cherry but you can call me tails ko and welcome to jurassic park" I say

" omg jurassic park!"
"... wow"
" ..."

" tee hee jk it's mobius plus you may wanna take a look at your self" I giggle you were a (f/a) " omg" you say " oh I forgot what's your name"

" oh it's ( y/n)"
" it's (y/n) don't were it out"

So anyway sorry for not that manny questions so keep loving kittys

"Of corse " ( bffs)
" no" ( I hate you )
"Omg yes!" ( I know right :3)