The School for Good and Evil.

Which school would you be put in? The good, or the evil? Good luck! And, remember, the princess and the witch don't always look like they do in fairytales.

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Ok. Its time for a test. Go though the forest to see if you are good or evil.

Right, birds at the ready.
Right, black dress, check, potions, check,
Sword in my hand.
C'mon henchman, get ready.

Are you ready?

Well, I've got my birds, so, yeah!
Potions, check. Ready!
Sword, check. Ready!
Do I have to do this? (me: yes) Oh...

You get a choice of clothing to wear. What do you choose?

Pink dress
Black dress
Blue shirt and blue bottoms.
Ripped black shirt and ripped black bottoms

You get a choice of weapons. What do you choose?

A sword
A henchman

Ok, you are ready to start. You enter the forest. The first thing you see is a cloud.

A cloud? Nice. (me: its black) AHH!!!!
Black cloud. Nice.
Cloud? Ha! Wait, why is it black? It should be white. *hits with sword*
Black cloud. Nice. Henchman, deal with it!

Wait. This isn't a cloud! Its a load of bats. What do you do?

Run away screaming.
Befriend them and use them as a weapon.
Be brave and try to kill them.
Leave them and walk away.

You get away. You walk though a forest and find a Y turn. One side is bright and is filled with rainbows. The other side is dark and is filled with braches of dead trees. Which path do you take?

The one that is bright and is filled with rainbows.
The one that is dark and is filled with braches of dead trees.

You follow the path and find a way out of the forest. You go out.

Ah... I liked it in there...

You see 2 towers. One is gloomy. The other one is bright. Which one do you go to?

The bright one.
The gloomy one.

This is the end. Which school do you think you will go to?

The School for Good
The School for Evil