what is your mood? (1)

what is your mood? (1)

Take my quiz to see your mood! ;) I hope you guys enjoy! Hopefully you get the right mood!

published on October 06, 201456 responses 10 5.0★ / 5

How ya feeling?

Stressed (please don't be like meh mom!)
Mad roar! (Hehe that's great hehe!) (Runs)
;( sad (cheer up! Don't worry be happy! Just be happy!)
Bored (same here)

What color fits your mood right now?

Yellow, blue, and green! :D (happiness YAY!)
White, Brown, and grey! (Stressness 0_0)
Red, Orange, and black (madness :/)
Blue, white, and pink (sadness :[ )
Purple, Orange, and blue (bored same here)

Which number? The highest one is happy.


Which design?

Which design?
Happy faces everywhere! (Happiness)
Computers and works drawn everywhere! (Stressed)
A big blob of hot boiling lava! (Mad)
Raindrops like shapes of tears ;( (sadness)
Nothing (boredom)

sorry for it being to short! Ahem, what's in your mind?

FUN! (Happiness!)
WORK! (Stressed)
HATE! (Mad)
TEARS! (Sad)
TV! (Bored)

Which emoji?