Are you are weird, geeky, nerdy, normal or a nerdy weirdo?

Are you are weird, geeky, nerdy, normal or a nerdy weirdo?

Ever wondered whether you are a nerd or a weirdo or both? Find out here! You could also be normal or a geek. Good luck!

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What is the most important thing to you?

The science of llamas
None of the above

What would you rather do?

Bungee jump
Conduct science experiments
Catch up with school work
Conduct science experiments while bungee jumping
None of the above

What is your view on science?

It's awesome.
It's useful for schoolwork.
It's awesome and as cool as my fridge.
It's ok

What is your view on space?

Wow... SPACE!
It's really cool and interesting.
It's part of my schoolwork but I don't really care about it otherwise.
*Expresses love for space by falling off the moon.*
It's ok, but it's just a big nothing in the sky.

The zombie apocalypse has begun.

*Graps flyswatter* Eat bug squish, zombies!
Maybe I can hack their system to destroy them... Wait, no. They don't have a system.
Ugh... Stupid zombies. Go away. Let me study for my test in peace.
*Throws acid at zombies.* Eat hydrochloric acid, you brainless freaks!
*Graps gun and defends self*

You get killed.

Yay, now I can haunt people!
Technically if I am dead, then I can't reply to this question.
Rats, now I can't go to school.
*Blows world up with llama bombs*

I lied. You lived.

*Takes sheet off head and stops trying to creep up on people.*
Yay. *Goes back to computer desk.*
Yay, now I can go to school!
*Goes on the computer, plays zombie apocalypse game and loses badly.*
Yay, I am still alive!

Somebody walks into your room and glares at you.

What's for lunch?
Leave me alone, I'm busy doing a science experiment.
Go away, I'm studying.
I'm busy experimenting on my lunch, go away.
What are you doing in my room?

This is the end of the quiz.

This is the end... *Sings Skyfall*
Great, can I get back to reading about science now?
Yay, now I can get back to studying.
No! It's the end of time! And space! And science! And technology! And all the good stuff
in the world! NO! *Cries*