Are you Doomguy or not?

Are you Doomguy or not?

Will you slaughter every last Demon in Hell or will you cower in fear like a little pu**y

published on June 28, 20166 responses 0
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You're on Mars and a Hell portal opens. What do you do?

You go head on with your Super
Run and hide

You see Satan what do you do?

Rip his horn off and slit his throat
Beg him to not hurt you

You see an area of Imps, Barons, Cacodemons, and Pinkies what do you do?

Hide from them and cry
Kill every single one of them then turn their bodies into a paste

The demons trap you in a corner what do you do?

Cry like the little pu**Y you are
Rip their hearts out and shove them down their throats

The demons finally bow down to you what do you do?

Kill them all and SHOW NO MERCY!!
Beg them to carry you home