What Sofia the First Character are you most Like?

Find out who you are from disney juniors show sofia the first. Take this quiz to find out who you are!

published on November 23, 201424 responses 0
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If you see someone drop there book in the hallway you..

Pick them up. Maybe say something to make them smile and ask them to go to lunch.
Giggle and walk right past them.
Tell them a joke to make them feel good, but don't pick the books up.
You would like to help but you can't say anything that they will understand.
If it's someone royal pick them up. Then plan how to steal their valuables
Pick them up straight away. Be at there service for the rest of the day.
Instruct someone to pick them up for you. Tell the kid to say that the help was sent by you.

how do you do work?

i do it by myself and i put my best effort in everything
i try to make it fun
i dont. i cheat and have servants do it
i eat when i do it
i dwell on the amulet. thats the only work i do
i give suggestions of a leader
i follow the kings every order

who do you look up to

my teachers and my parents
my friends
the king

when are you brave?

when somebody needs me
when somebody is in need i do the best i can
hardley ever
i try but always fail to show my bravery
i tell my close friend and she'll do something
i contact who's ever in charge
i send guards out to protect the kingdom

What is your ideal outfit

A purple dress
Something green and fancy to show your royal.
something comfortable.
something furry
a picture of the amulet of avalor
a uniform to show that you work for the high ups
a crown

what is your favorite animal

i don't have one
no animal
blue ribbon bunnies
cute animals
all animals

What is your dream job.

the future queen of enchancia
something fun
anything that involes helping people
professinal eater
The Ruler of the World
A personal agent
i'm comfortable with my job

what is your favorite color?

any color
the color of important valuables
the kings favorite color
i dont know